American Horror Story: NYC is the eleventh season of FX’s popular horror anthology series American Horror Story, which was created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. Each season of this series is based on a different group of characters and follows a different story in each season but in the same universe.

American Horror Story: NYC was entirely shot in New York City and in different locations in New York, which included Fire Island, West 36th Street, etc. The filming of this season is reported to have begun in June 2022, with location details and everything. Most of the season’s shooting takes place in and around New York City, which is the most crowded and popular city in the United States.

The crew and cast were spotted filming several sequences in the Brooklyn Heights and West Village neighborhoods, as well as their surrounding areas, where we see some photos of the cast on their Instagram, which they uploaded for their fans.

The crew and cast with the production team traveled to New York City to shoot some horror elements, where they set up camp in J. Harvey Turnure Memorial Park at 26 Lake Street in Westchester County’s largest city, White Plains. According to some leaked images on the internet, it seems the scene includes horror elements in the memorial park with the character.

The final filming takes place in the streets of New York City which includes some interior and exterior scenes for the series including West 36th Street, East, and West Broadway, North 35th Street, and East 39th Street with that the filming wrapped in October of that year.



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