Aakash Mehta Social Currency Netflix: Social Currency is a recently released Netflix original reality series where 8 social media influencers are going to come. Everyone is going to come in pairs. What do you think among these 8 contestants is going to win?

Here we’re going to tell you about each contestant of this show. Many of the viewers are curious to know about the participants, so here we’re covering as much as we can.

Talking about contestant Aakash Mehta:

Aakash Mehta is known as a social media celebrity. He’s greatly known for his stand-up sketches. You can check out his work on YouTube as well. He has approximately 90k followers, and after this show, he’s going to touch 100k followers for sure.

He describes himself as a terrible comedian and a science nerd too. Do you think he’s capable of winning this show?

His Instagram ID is @kuchbhimehta



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