7500 Movie Ending Explained:  After so long, I saw a Joseph Gorden Levitt movie, The movie named 7500 actually released back in 2019 and Amazon prime recently released the movie digitally. The movie pretty much revolves Tobias Ellis who is played by Joseph and the movie is based on the Plane hijacking.

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By the tempting words, you might have known that it is packed with thrills and chills at the same time. It also shows what an ordinary human can do in such times by just applying himself according to the situation. The movie has some disturbing moments which makes us think that how the world works and how people get trapped.


The movie starts in Berlin airport with CCTV cameras capturing the whole airport and the people in it. We see some possible passengers who are in the line for security check. It seems that these people might play a crucial part in the story. We are introduced to our protagonist Tobias Ellis who is a co-pilot in the airline which is on its way from Berlin to Paris. He meets his pilot Michael. Tobias’ girlfriend Gocke is part of the crew in the same flight. The two have a son together.

They discuss kindergarten for their son and agrees to look for a suitable one after they return from Paris. The plane takes off after a seemingly short delay because of two passengers, After Pilot announces the passengers that they can remove the seatbelt, Some terrorist attacks the plane and hijacks it, with 2 terrorists coming for the cockpit, one enters and stabs Tobias in his hand while continuously stabbing the main pilot.

Tobias slowly gathers his strength and stops the other terrorist to enter the cockpit. He smashes the terrorist named Kenan with the fire extinguisher leaving him unconscious.
We see Tobias dealing with the pain and still managing to tie up Kenan and establishing a connection to the airport security. He asks for an emergency Landing which is approved and will take 30 mins. This 30 mins ( seemingly ) seems like an eternity to Tobias. In the passenger’s section, the terrorists continue to threaten passengers with Tobias asking the passengers to retaliate. They capture his girlfriend and kill her right in front of his eyes. Michael dies after struggling and Kenan wakes up and attacks Tobias. He lets other terrorist named Vedat.

We see that their passengers have captured one of the terrorists and Vedat barely got saved. Kenan orders Vedat to kill Tobias. Kenan while talking to the negotiators reveals that they wanted nothing from the beginning and their motive is just to crash the plane to a highly populated city to create panic and destruction. This means they never intended to go out and it was a suicide mission. Vedat who was ignorant about this question Kenan and kills him.

7500 Movie, The Ending

After Killing Kenan there is no choice left for Vedat but to take the help of Tobias. He helps him to his feet and asks him to take control of the plane and take him somewhere safe. Tobias after thinking says to Vedat that they can go but they need to refuel the plane and that’s why they need to stop at Hannover to which Vedat reluctantly agrees. Vedat soon realizes that this is a trap and gets surrounded by the police. Remaining in the cockpit both of them wait with Vedat terrified to his core.

Police safely remove all the passengers quietly which leaves just Tobias and Vedat in the plane. Vedat receives a call from his mother where he tells her that he has been made up and he didn’t sign up for this. The people who took him brainwashed him so badly that he is actually in a critical situation. Vedat wants to go to another place instead of surrounding because of he does it will mean lifetime prison to which he is not ready. After talking to her mother, the police ask them to open the window of the plane so they can talk freely.

Vedat realizes that he has been made up and there is no refueling going on, just as he is about to attack Tobias he is shot in the chest and killed. Police arrive in the cockpit and safely rescues the injured Tobias. We see the body of his dead girlfriend Gocke while is leaves the plane.

The movie makes us think about how humanity has become and how it uses the people just for their sake, the ones who are naive like Vedat gets into these situations and get killed. For Tobias, his whole life got changed in 90 mins. The trouble he went for the safety of the passengers and what it cost him. If you follow the film you will definitely feel bad for Vedat whose last wish to go home remained unfulfilled.


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