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5 Days At Memorial Ending Explained | All Episodes

5 Days At Memorial Ending Explained: AppleTV+ show “Five Days At Memorial” has come to an end with the last Episode released recently on the streaming giant. The Episode was titled “The Reckoning” and the runtime of the Episode was 54 minutes.

The Episode was the last Episode of the Mini-Series that focused on the events after the events of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and during that time how Doctors and Medical Professionals had to make life-changing decisions in dire conditions.

What happened in those 5 days at the Memorial Medical Centre and the aftermath involved the investigation of 45 dead people that were found at Memorial Medical Centre after the Hospital was evacuated.

The last Episode focused majorly on the case of Anna Pou after the DA’s office investigates the whole case and presents it to the city of New Orleans in front of a Grand Jury and how Anna Pou is charged with the murder. The Grand Jury, however, comes to the conclusion that they will not be indicting Anna Pou for the events during Hurricane Katrina.

All throughout, we could see that the conditions at Memorial were not suitable for patients to get cared for but the doctors still did not abandon them and we could understand that but by the end of the series, we’re met by Anna Pou giving a speech in which she makes some things up like “Coast Guard did not fly at night” and a couple more for which she was confronted by her colleague Horace.

The series ended with some written texts about Anna Pou that she was invoked of the charges and continues to practice medicine. Other texts were about how New Orleans rehabilitation is going on and finally, it was dedicated to the people who lost their lives and to the spirit of New Orleans.



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