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I Used To Be Famous Netflix Review: Friendships & Long Lost Promises

I Used To Be Famous Netflix Review: Netflix has released a new film titled “I Used To Be Famous” which is a comedy-drama film that bases on Male Friendships and how someone who used to be famous deals with long-lost fame and the longing for that fame once again. The film stars Ed Skrin as Vince, Leo Long as Stevie along with other actors.

It tells the story of Vince, the leader of a Boy Band “Stereo Dream” who was once very famous and was busy doing world tours and all the perks that they would get when you’re that famous. Well, it doesn’t hold for much longer when, currently after 20 years, he is just a nobody who is unemployed and is trying to find that long-lost fame that he’s lost now.

He meets Stevie, who has Autism and is also a very overprotective mother, who after meeting Vince instantly hits it off and they both seem to be spending a lot of time with each other helping each other realize their true passions, for Vince reigniting his old passion and for Stevie, his hope of trying to find a place in the world where he would fit.

The duo works incredibly well and it portrays the beauty of friendship to a great extent. It also tells us about the long-lost promises that Vince had made to his deceased brother that he keeps at the end of the film. The film gets a bit predictable but the beauty handles it very well. All in all, it comes from a good place and it means well and that makes for it to be a great wholesome watch.

The film is streaming on Netflix right now.



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