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Rings Of Power Episode 4 Review: Suspicion & An Old Ally

Rings Of Power has released Episode 4 titled “The Great Wave” which delivered a lot more than was expected. With an Episode of runtime more than 70 minutes, we got to see Sauron’s successor Adar, who Orcs call “Father” and Galadriel getting an ally.

Galadriel, who came back from Middle Earth i.e., The Southlands is going back there but stronger this time, with an ally.

The Episode started from where Episode 3 left off after Arondir is captured again after a failed attempt to flee and is presented to Adar, the successor of Sauron. In Episode 3, we saw Galadriel finding out the plan of Sauron’s Army to create a new realm of the Southlands by a map she saw in Numenor.

She takes a proposal to Numenor’s Queen Regent to become allies once again and fight in The Southlands to defeat the enemy that is stronger than ever.

After infuriating Queen Regent by her behavior, Galadriel is put inside prison alongside Halbrand and she flees to the King of Numenor after the guards come to escort her to her ship in response to the Queen Regent’s decision for Galadriel to get escorted back to the Elves.

She finds out the vision Queen Regent seems to be having about the fall of Numenor and fears that it has started after Galadriel arrived on Numenor and before Galadriel is sent off with a ship, she realizes with the fall of petals from the White Tree which are the tears of the Valar themselves.

The Episode ends with the Queen announcing that she will be escorting Galadriel to the Southlands and also aiding to the war going there.

Final Thoughts: Story Development in this Episode is very good and what is not to love, when every 10 minutes you’re being shown some spectacular scenery.



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