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Five Days At Memorial Episode 5 Recap, Story & Review

Five Days At Memorial Episode 5 Recap: Five Days At Memorial Episode 5 Recap: Five Days At Memorial, an AppleTV+ Original that tells the real story of Memorial Medical Centre of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina came and left the city fending for itself focusing on the tough conditions the Healthcare Workers had to live under and make the tough decisions and how they spent their 5 Days and what came about.

This week’s Episode tells the story of the last day at Memorial Medical Centre and just adds to the grim conditions and reality that we had to see in that Episode. Right from Patients to even Pets that couldn’t get out or gotten evacuated.

They were thought of as “Made Comfortable” as in they were made comfortable in those conditions until they die. There’s this line by the Incident Manager when she says “There will be no living Patient left behind” and that tells the weight of the situation everyone was in.

The Episode also showed that the City of New Orleans came to direct evacuation and higher-ups forced the hospital to evacuate all of its Patients in under 3 Hours which was not enough time to evacuate Patients. That is followed by how a lot of Patients were left behind and Dr. Anna Lou was injecting Patients while giving them a prayer and making them “comfortable” which is short for leaving them to die slowly but they will not feel the pain.

That same thing happened with the Pets when one doctor had to put down nearly all of the Pets, including his own but when he finds out that one woman’s pet is being evacuated as well, his wife is heartbroken.

It was a mixed bag, from doctors stopping being Doctors and they stopped caring for their Patients and the ones who were doing that were asked to stop the care. New Doctors were felt by their seniors and the ones that were there because of their Senior integrity felt abandoned and stopped caring as well and focussed on their own evacuation. It all felt like their true natures came out and that is true, in times like this as rightly said in the first Episode… your true self comes out.

The Episode was the final retelling of how the last day at Memorial Medical Centre came about and while this was heart-breaking, it had some moments of light when the Medical Staff carried an overweight Patient from the floor to the basement and then to the Helipad by lifting him just so he could live and not be left behind really tells us how tirelessly those people worked.



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