4 Years Malayalam Movie Ending Explained: 4 years, a Malayalam Romantic Drama Film has been released on Amazon Prime Video after its theatrical release on 25th November 2022, here we are going to explain the ending of the film.

The story of an ex-couple that are going their separate ways after Engineering College after their break-up 6 months ago confronts each other on the last day when Gayathri is leaving for her hometown and that makes Vishal realize what is important and he spends that day trying to make up to Gayathri to take him back which results in a different outcome than we might imagine. If you’re curious about the ending of the film, here’s what you need to know.

Why Does Gayathri Break Up With Vishal?

Vishal does not have any interest in his studies to the point that he has 31 arrears during his last year. It was only Gayathri who was concerned about his studies and used to make him study and prepare for exams. However, 6 months before the end of the last year Gayathri breaks up with Vishal because of his anger. He cannot control his anger and his sudden outrages to situations that can be handled well cause Gayathri to abstain from Vishal.

Do Gayathri and Vishal Get Back Together In The End?

On the day when Gayathri is leaving for her hometown, Vishal tries to make it up to her but each time he ends up ruining it and that keeps hurting Gayathri more each time. In the end, Gayathri gets hurt and says she wishes to not have met Vishal and leaves. Vishal follows her and gets on the bus behind her seat and apologizes. She tells him that his issues hurt her too much.

Vishal assures her that he’s working on his issues and her company makes him better but Gayathri is not convinced. She still wants not to see Vishal anymore and has plans for her future and doesn’t want to keep being his primary support to him. Vishal tells him that he’s ready to wait for her for 4 years and in that time, he will work on himself and they’ll meet after 4 years and see what happens.

Review4 Years Malayalam Movie Review: Fails To Impress Big Time

Gayathri doesn’t want to assure Vishal of anything and says that they will be different and she doesn’t want to give him any false hopes to which Vishal agrees. In the end, we see Vishal going to his stay and taking his books to read.

We can hope that Vishal does make some progress in his life and attitude and the couple does get back together after 4 years but this is all too high and optimistic theory. If we look at the realistic angle, for Vishal to get reformed alone without Gayathri is going to be hard so we shouldn’t be shocked if things do not work out.

4 years is streaming on Amazon Prime Video in Malayalam with English Subtitles.



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