4 Years Malayalam Movie Review:  4 years, the recently released Malayalam Movie has made its debut on the Streaming Platform Amazon Prime Video. Starring Sarjano Khalid and Priya Prakash Varrier, the film has been directed by Ranjith Sarkar.

It portrays the college life end for a couple, Gayathri and Vishal who had broken off their relationship before the last 6 months of college, and how their emotions and feelings of each other come into play when Gayathri Is leaving for her hometown and Vishal is stuck in college with his 31 arrears. If you’re planning to watch the film, here’s our review of it.

4 years is a bit more than 120 minutes in runtime and it tells us the story of a whole day right after the last day of college after their Bachelors Of Engineering course where Gayathri who has planned for her master’s is leaving for her hometown whereas Vishal is stuck in college with his arrests, the film takes place in the last day when Gayathri is leaving, The film, at times, feels stretched and doesn’t keep you gripped enough throughout.

The cast tries too much at times but fails to deliver any chemistry in between. The songs and music do feel placed well but they aren’t enough to make us love the film which seems doomed.

4 Years tells us about a relationship that did not work for obvious reasons but still, somehow, Vishal wants to make it work and believes that it is a good thing for him as he needs to work on his issues which were the reason for his break-up but at the other end, Gayathri is fed up of that and doesn’t want to continue any further.

The film is like a repetition of sudden outrages of Vishal which hurt Gayathri followed by his efforts to make it up to her and ask her to take him back, which feels redundant at times and fails to create any magic no matter how realistic it might feel at times.

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In short, 4 Years is not the amazing romance that you might be expecting. It is a work in progress of a relationship and some great promises that may or may not be kept. It is not worth your time if romantic drama is your jam.



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