1899 Episode 1: Netflix’s original much-awaited show 1899 is now streaming on the Platform, the show is receiving a bumper response from the critics as well as audiences, we just finished watching episode 1 of the show, and here goes the Spoiler Free Recap of episode 1 of the show.

Maura Franklin a Doctor in England went to New York on Kerberos Steamship after finding out that her brother went missing with the ship Prometheus, Prometheus is a Steamship that went missing in Ocean and it’s been Four months after that ship went missing. Maura Franklin is also a Mysterious character in itself there is some mark on her wrist.

Maura meets Virginia, Virginia is an Intellectual Sociable British businesswoman, Virginia tells her that everyone is running from something, The French Couple Lucien and Clemence, Spanish Brothers Ramiro and Angel, the Chinese Daughter and Mother Ling Yi and Yuk Je They all are running from something like You Maura.

Then a stranger comes to the dining hall and asks for the help of a doctor, and Maura goes to help him, It’s his sister who’s having Labour pain so Maura treats her.

Then Maura meets the Captain of the ship Eyk, Eyk tells Maura to not go to their places because Maura is an Elite passenger. Eyk got some signal and he’s thinking that it might be Prometheus’s ship because there were no ships going to America at that time Eyk turns the ship and goes to that location and which makes Spanish brothers Angel and Ramiro a Priest nervous.

Captain Eyk Explain everything that they’re doing to passengers and Angel and Virginia are not happy with this after hearing about Prometheus Lucien having some anxiety attack.

They found the Prometheus ship, Eyk, Maura, and Olek a Worker in the ship, and some ship officers go to that ship. Maura found a Green insect that she saw in her dreams, and Eyk found a cotton ribbon it’s looking like Eyk’s family members might have some connection with the Prometheus ship.

They found out that someone broke the transmission machine. They hear some sound and found a Child who’s totally fine and has a Pyramid that literally looks alike The logo an 1899 Poster, Meanwhile, A Stranger enters their Kerberos Steamship and it might be a guy from that Prometheus ship and he uses a green insect to open a door.



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