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Prometheus Ship 1899 | Is That Ship Real? Based On True Story?

Prometheus Ship 1899: 1899 Is Now Streaming On Netflix If You’re a horror Mystery Lover Then This Show Is Going To Be Worth Watching For You, This Will Keep You Hooked From Start To End Audiences are enjoying this show very much the reviews are also Coming Great For The show.

If you’re wondering For Season 2 coming, We have Already Covered That Topic Too, Fans Are Curious About That This Show Is Based On True Stories, But This Isn’t Based On Bermuda Triangle We Covered That In Our Last Article

Now We’re Going to tell you whether;

Prometheus Ship Is Real?

So The Answer Is No, The Ship Which was shown as Missing For the Past 4 months In Show Is Not a real Ship, You Can’t Take a trip And You can’t visit In That Ship. As per our reports, The Whole Scene Creation was done through VFX Only And The Whole Production was shot in a Virtual Studio. So the cast was also not Filming In A Real Ship It all was a Set Design.

Now Coming to the question, I that show is related to the real story? Yes, there was a ship named HMS Prometheus in 1899 but that ship has nothing to do with the Ship in the Netflix series ‘1899’.

Hope you got all things cleared, Please let us know if you have any questions related to the show.


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