Wonder Woman 1984 Review: The movie was one of the much-awaited movies of 2020 but the pandemic changes everything, the movie is all set to release on HBO Max and in theatres near you from 25th December 2020 in India, the early reviews from the critics and Previews are In and here is what audiences are saying about the movie.

Most of the reviews are positive and it indicates that they loved the movie, everything from the movie is amazing, the VFX, the story and the ending, everything was just brilliant, here is what some users and critics from Twitter are saying.

Erik Davis, The Editor from a well-known entertainment portal said that;

“Wonder Women 1984 is an exceptional film and he just loved it, he was in tears when the film ended, it is one of the best sequels by Dc. ” He also added that the movie is full of hope, love, action, romance & humor

Courtney Howard a film critic said that;

Wonder Women 1984 is spectacularly fun. A blockbuster with lots to value. Tonally reminiscent of the SUPERMAN movies in the best spots. Delivers a different kind of empowering kick than the original. Sentiments & themes are thoroughly enriching. Action sequences, sublime.

Josh Horwitz, MTV news correspondent also liked the movie he called the movie brilliant, he also said that;

The highest compliment I can pay #WW84 is that it at times felt like a lost film from the Richard Donner era of superhero films. Plenty to love in this one. I have some exciting stuff cooking with the cast an

There are many positive responses from the audiences and critics from all over the globe, you can check the entertainment blogs and Twitter handles fro the detailed review of the movie, these reviews from the well-known reviewers and critics is a sign that the movie is amazing and we can’t wait anymore to watch the movie on big screens.

What do you think about Wonder Women 1984? are you excited for it by looking at the review, please let us know in the comment section, for more posts and updates regarding movies on stay tuned with us and follow us on social media.


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