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Wolfgang Petersen Dies At 81: Cause Of Death & More Details

Wolfgang Petersen Dies At 81: Wolfgang Peterson who was one of the prolific directors died at the age of 81 after his battle with Pancreatic Cancer at his home in Los Angeles. Wolfgang started off as a German Director but his one film “Das Boot” skyrocketed and was a very big blockbuster that entered him into Hollywood and then he went on to make some amazing films after.

One of the most notable films he ever did was “Troy”. An Epic saga with an ensemble of the cast that did so much and it was fabulous, those are the type of movies that you do not see these days.

Wolfgang Peterson not only did Troy but also did The Neverending Story which was a huge success then but we’ve also gotten a remembrance of that from Stranger Things Season 3 Ending where Dustin sings the title song of Neverending Story. Some other but very notable ones are The Perfect Storm, In the line of fire, Poseiden, and many more.

The contribution of Wolfgang Peterson to cinema has been very crucial and his demise is of great sadness because his movies have been some of the best in cinematic history and now when we see his movies, he’ll be talked about in the past tense, not present.


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