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Initial D LIVE Action Director Under Fire

Initial D LIVE Action Director Under Fire: Initial D, one of the most famous anime Manga with more than 700 Chapters based on street racing has been adapted into anime and into live-action movies and has currently been adapted into yet another LIVE Action anime.

The news came to the anime lovers saw a revival of a genre that is one of the most profitable ones in Hollywood History and also street racing is kind of thrilling and nerve-wracking to watch. Written and penned by Shuichi Shigeno, the original writer the anime serves as a sequel to the original one.

However, the director of the anime is under fire for saying that he will not be including Women drivers in the anime because according to him “There is no way a woman could slide a car that nasty without crashing”. This comes out after he was asked whether he will be including women in the anime as inclusivity for all genders but he denied that.

The new anime is titled “MF Ghost” and it will be taking place in the upcoming year but the release date is not announced yet, it is still in the planning phase. However, there is more to come from the director, and from this anime, we can expect originality as well.




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