Wolf Pack Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained: Wolf Pack is an American supernatural mystery crime thriller teen drama series that is based on Edo Van Belkom’s 2004 novel of the same name and created by Jeff Davis. It follows the story of a group of teenagers who discover they are connected to a pack and can share their power.

Whereas in this article, I am going to recap along with the ending explanation of episode 8, which is the last episode of this series, where we see what happened after Baron was stabbed with the knife, and where we see what happened next in this article.

Recap & Summary

Episode 8, titled “Trophic Cascade”, begins exactly where episode 7 ends, where we see that Austin stabs the knife with the silver coating into the chest of Baron, where Everett pulls the knife out to save him but he can’t heal his wound, and where we see that Baron gets a nightmare where he sees himself in the place of every character who is connected to him with the pack and where he sees how and when they all are connected.

We see that Baron’s condition is critical, and then they must shift to the hospital to save him, but they didn’t want to be there, and they received a call again from that unknown user who gave them two options: leave him to die so that their bond breaks, and due to the break, Blake and Everett will become normal like they are, which means they are not werewolves, and Blake wanted him to die so that she became normal.

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After that, we see that Garrett brought his children to Ramsey so that she could ask for their help and needs, which they told her, and then we see that Harlan told Garrett everything about Baron, where he took him to the hospital. Then, something usually happened, and we see that social services took Danny into their custody and Blake is under medication with the help of his father. On the other side, Harlan is being arrested, and everything is falling apart.

Ending Explained

Scene shifts, where we see the flask and look at how the fire involves the area where we find that Ramsey lost two of his children in the fire, where the third child is Baron, and she wanted to keep them alive. Where we see that Malcolm fired on Ramsey with a silver bullet but she was saved by Garrett, where he takes Baron from the bus and wants to take care of him, but he finds something stranger about Ramsey.

At the end of the final episode, we see that Ramnsey introduced herself, telling him that she is the mother of Harlan and Luna, along with Baron, and that she knows that with their power of them, they were able to bring them back. She also shared her power, showing that she is able to heal people, and she wanted Garrett to be their father. We also see that Baron is about to bite Garrett so that he will become like them, and the episode ends.

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This is all about episode 8, which is the final episode of this season, whereas in the next season, we will see what happened next to them, whether they were able to make the pack, and more.

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