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Who Killed Santa? Review: Netflix’s Comedy Drama Looks Like A ‘Forced Comedy’

Who Killed Santa A Murderville Murder Mystery is Netflix original Comedy drama film which released on Netflix Today, The 60 Minutes long film stars Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, and Lilan Bowden in the main lead roles, along with Kurt Braunohler, Dennice Cisneros, Eliza Coupe in the small yet crucial roles.

The film is created by Laura Murphy and now streaming on Netflix in Hindi audio version along with the subtitles, Here Goes a detailed review of the film.

The Plot of the film revolves around Detective Terry Seattle, Someone Killed the Santa in the blink of an eye, Detective Terry Seattle was already there and then he took the case, While the investigation goes on, he found the various motive and the reason behind the Killings, will be able to solve the case or not? To know this, You need to watch the whole film on Netflix.

The film has no soul from the beginning itself, and the film lacks comedy from the First frame, everything looks Forced and thanks to the Short duration that it will not take much of your time, The music and those short funny BGMs were decent. Most of the sequences in the Film look like a Forced Comedy with terrible performances.

The story was decent but the execution sucks, The story was very much predictable and has nothing new or refreshing to offer, The main element ‘Comedy’ was missing in the whole film and this is going to be a big down for the film.

Will Arnett tried his best to save the film with his comic timing, but again, he failed due to a Poor storyline and dull dialogues.

I am going with 1 Out of 5 stars for the film, The film has nothing to offer in terms of comedy or thrill, Stay  Away from it and I will suggest you skip the film, there are many other recently released films available on Netflix which you can watch in your Christmas Weekend.

This was ours Who Killed Santa? Review, which was released today on Netflix, what do you think about it?, Please let us know in the comments.



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