What Happens To Ezra? HULU’s “The Patient” has ended the term of its 10 Episodes with the last Episode releasing with a runtime of 46 minutes. The show did not end in whatever way we had expected instead it ended with an enigmatic ending which is sort of expected from a psychological thriller. If you’re also confused about what happened toward the end of the series, you’re at the right place. Let’s get to it.

In the last episode, we see Alan getting killed by Sam, and Sam realizes that he might do it again Alan before dying said to him that the only way to get better is to physically restrain himself from the people and that’s what he does in the end. He chains himself to the bed and gives the key to his mother but that isn’t the ending we were met with.

In the end, we’re met by Ezra who is in a therapy session with a therapist who is aware of Alan’s work and has read his book as well Ezra doesn’t even own a copy, let alone read it. After moments of silence, the therapist asks Ezra to tell him more about himself to which Ezra is confused. Ezra is about to say something but hesitates and then the show ends.

Now, what does that mean? Well, the therapist already knows Ezra’s name and what he does and that his father Alan was killed by someone. We think that Ezra was about to tell him that he’s an orthodox Jew but then hesitates to tell him that because now Ezra seems to be questioning his faith after whatever has happened.

Maybe converting to an Orthodox Jew was his way of rebelling against his parents who he didn’t think loved him because as said in the show by Alan that they didn’t pay for Ezra’s college education because he got a half scholarship but paid for Shoshana’s law school all the way through.

Maybe his cry for attention for his parents got him to convert where he did find the love he was seeking. So, in the end when his father has died but left a letter accepting his mistakes for not accepting his choices and falling short in some places and that he loves him, Ezra seems to be questioning his faith now.



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