What Happened to the FBI Agent: Netflix has released a new heist show called Kaleidoscope, which is unlike any other heist show because it is designed in such a way that you can watch any episode you want, here we are going to tell you what happened to the FBI Agent.

In this article, I am going to tell about what happened to the FBI agent who is working on the bond heist case. I am going to cover all the details about FBI agents, which will clear up all your doubts.

In Episode Green, we see that after the diamond heist, the FBI began investigating the heist and attempted to end the case as an easy heist that could be recovered; however, we see an FBI agent named Abbasi return after seven years and begin investigating the case, where the other FBI officers are not happy because they discover that these are normal heists that were successfully ended.

After that, Abbasi discovers the link with Ava, but the other FBI refuses because they are aware of Ava’s power, but we see an FBI agent named Samuel who assists her in locating the details of this heist, and we also see Samuel has a love interest in Abbasi, which is why he wants to assist her.

But after the successful heist, Abbasi tells all the details about this Bond heist, and the FBI is now interested as it is the biggest heist. After that, they ordered Abbasi to start an investigation. But, after six months of investigation, they found Bob, who died in the shootout. After that, the FBI wants to stop this case and wants Abbasi to not do any investigation regarding this case.

This is all about FBI agents and how you can understand all the details easily. Now, if you like this show, let me know in the comment box.



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