What Happened to Liv and Will In Wilderness ?: Amazon Prime presents the British Thriller Drama series “Wilderness,” which is currently streaming on Amazon Prime with Hindi and English audio, along with subtitles.

Liv and Will are a lovely British couple, but everything suddenly changed after their trip. After watching the whole series, we understand that Cara had an affair with Will, and after her murder, the series took a different turn. So, what happened to them at the end of the series? Let’s find out in this article.

We know that Will had multiple affairs with his colleagues, which Liv didn’t want to accept. She tried to kill him but was unsuccessful every time. So, on that night in the forest, Liv thought it was Will, so she pushed him, but later we understood that it was actually Cara.
Afterward, Liv was trying to find every possible way to avoid jail or police involvement. In this case, she targeted her husband, Will.

On the other side, Will was helpless because he had an affair with Cara, so if the police found out, he might end up spending his whole life in jail. Liv also used this point. In fact, she repeatedly gave tips to the detectives that indicated Will was the culprit who murdered Cara.

After the detectives found an MMS tape of Will and Cara, they confirmed that it was Will who killed Cara. Because Will had a wife, he must not have wanted Cara to be alive. In fact, the detectives found out that the red raincoat belonged to Cara, which was actually Will’s. So, it was proven that Will murdered her.

At the end of the series, Will went to jail. He tried a lot by hiring a lawyer but failed to get bail. On the other side, Liv succeeded in framing him. She started enjoying her life independently.

That’s everything that happened to Cara and Liv at the end of the series. If you have any more questions, you can ask in the comment section.



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