Valeria Season 1 Ending : Netflix original series Valeria season 1 ends with a very confusing note and it left lots of unanswered questions in the mind of viewers, from our watching point of view we are going to answer few of your questions like what really happens at the end of the season 1, stay with us.

The story is about the four women who face the different types of difficulties and situation in life, everyone has their own set of problems but the story is mainly focused on Valeria, a writer who is trying to get into better life situations after the toxic relationship with her husband, the season ended with many questions left answered, here we would be trying to answer all of the questions.

What Happened To Valeria?

So in the season we saw that slowly she started living the normal and peaceful life and she has completed her book too, even the publisher is ready to publish her book but suddenly Publisher demands an to use a male Pen Name, Publisher asks the Valeria to use the different Auther name for her new book, he said she should use a fake name of a man as a pen name as this would impact the sale of the book.

The season 1 ends with the high possibility of season 2 and we are sure it’ coming, in the season 2 we would saw Valeria may refuse the publisher demand to change the pen name as after long time she was getting name and her confidence back and she can’t let it go easily. Season 2 would again saw the struggle of Valeria to get name and fame after settling her personal life.

Lola Nerea & Carmen

Lola also got her things fixed with her mother and men she slept with, she never liked being in a relationship and slowly she falls for a married man when she asked him, he rejected, but in spite of that, she thought of living a different and peaceful life, by forgiving her mother nad that man.

Nerea decided to tell her reality to her parents and she found that there is nothing to hide in it, although they were not quite happy she feels so light after revealing this to her as she doesn’t have to live in guilt, there is a very big message is this too, to all the homosexual out there, they are not different, they should not be ashamed, they should open up proudly.

From the start of the season itself, carmen don’t want to be in a relationship, but destiny sends a caring boyfriend for her in her office, everything was going fine until a joint project ruined their beautiful relationship, the twist of their relationship is left for another season.

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