The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Review: Must Watch Thing For TUA Fans

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Well well well, after a long wait, our mentally and lively fc**ked-up family is back on Netflix! Yes, The Umbrella Academy Season 3 is officially out and I’m gonna discuss if it’s a good one or a destroyed one; just like the city of New York in every second superhero movie.

Season 3 pays off the wait we’ve all been waiting for and introduces the Sparrow Academy. We all know that at the end of season 2, the Umbrella Academy family members travel through time accidentally and reach the year 2019.

Is it their 2019? Hell NO! That’s where the fun begins actually. In this season we get to know that it’s not their universe!!

They traveled into another parallel universe. This universe is safe; actually! And it’s pretty much the same except for the fact that it’s not the same. In this universe, we have THE SPARROW ACADEMY. The father of Umbrella Academy, Sir Reginald Hargreeves adopted 7 children in this universe as well. But they’re not the Umbrella Academy.

They’re the Sparrow Academy. Sir Hargreeves is also not dead in this universe. So for the first time in the live-action adaptation of The Umbrella Academy, we get a face-to-face interaction between the 7 members of both academies.

The show takes a good start and has some amazing moments throughout the whole season. However, this fun and excitement are in bits and parts. With a lot of changes in the series, some divert back making a negative impact. No doubt the makers are planning something for next season as well but by doing this, they are missing many moments to shine in the season.

The background score is good and the story keeps you engaged. If you’re directly jumping into season 3, this will make you die with boredom since a lot of things are happening and you will miss A LOT.

Actors have done their jobs nicely; not incredibly but still endurable. Not so bad and not so great either. CGI and Set design look impressive and the show ends with another cliffhanger just like the other two seasons. This season also follows the rule of a cliffhanger and gives the audience something again to think and wait for.

This show might not be awesome for a lot of people since this has its vibe and pace and it depends on if you like it or not. If you’re here, means you like this show already. Or else you’re just a blink in the eye who just wants to know how this season is? Affirmative.

Season 3 desperately answers a lot of burning questions from previous seasons but creates new questions with the ending and post-credits scene of season 3.

Concluding, this season is another must-watch thing for The Umbrella Academy fans but still fails miserably to attract a neutral audience. The show needs a more mature and interesting screenplay, direction, and story to make new people interested.

Should you watch it? Yes, you should if you’re a TUA fan. Just like other seasons, give these seasons a go and see how much it satisfies your hunger.

Rating – 3/5

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