The Rain Season 3 Netflix: Rejoice! The Rain fans, because Netflix is bringing the third season of the Danish Show to your screens. The season will also be the final season of the show. The Rain debuted in 2018 and was received positively by the viewers. People liked the concept of the show and thus the show became a hit.

Here In the post, we are going to talk about the cast, trailer, release date, and short review of the series, this post would help you in determining, whether you should watch it or not.


A virus that is carried by the rain kills most of the population in Scandinavia. Siblings Simone and Rasmus, with their father go and hides in a bunker. Their father leaves them after some time touting that he can fix this and thus he has to go. Five years have passed and he still hasn’t returned.

The siblings decide to go up and check the situation and find their father. Soon they are joined by the group of survivors who tell them that rain killed everyone and those who were not killed infected other people thus believing that you cannot tell whether to trust anyone or not.


The series stars Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen , Alba August , Mikkel Følsgaard and Lukas Lokken. The web series also include Sonny Lindberg , Natalie Madueno , Clara Rosager , Evin Ahmed and others.


The trailer for the third and final season of the show has been released by Netflix. The trailer is also available on YouTube. You can watch it there. The trailer shows that it’s Rasmus vs Simone now, one wants to create a new world and others want to save this one. Who will succeed?

Release Date

The final season of The Rain will start streaming from August 6th, 2020. The series would release in English audio along with the subtitles.

Review & Ratings


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