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The Patient Episode 3 Release Date On Hulu & What To Expect?

The Patient Episode 3 Release Date: FX’s New Psychological Thriller Mini-Series “The Patient” has released its first two Episodes and while those seemed like they ended too quickly, we have some background of what’s happening and the cliffhanger ending didn’t help. Now, we’re interested in who that person was who came down the stairs at the end of Episode 2, and sadly, that will be revealed in next week’s Episode.

Episode 3 is titled “Issues” and that is going to cover the Therapy sessions that started after Alan is held captive by Sam who wants to stop acting on his homicidal urges to kill people.

We had seen that Sam had been holding down the feeling of killing that Greek restaurant owner for reasons that he mentioned in Episode 2 and he has been stopping himself from killing him but as time grows, the connection between him and the restaurant seems to get weakened, Sam’s desire to kill him is increasing.

The third Episode will pile onto that as Sam’s desire to kill is getting stronger and Alan, his therapist who has asked him to talk before he acts on his homicidal urges introduced a new variable into the treatment.

We’re not sure what that is going to be, but it is going to be definitely interesting to see as Alan is also racing for an opportunity to come out of the situation he is in right now.

The 3rd Episode of “The Patient” was released on September 6, 2022, on HULU.


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