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NEW FX Series “The Patient” Debuts on HULU

FX’s NEW Original Series “The Patient” has debuted on the Streaming Giant HULU recently. This Psychological Thriller Limited Mini-Series is about a therapist (played by Steve Carrell) who is held captive by a serial killer (played by Domhnall Gleeson) who wishes to get treatment for what he does so he can stop.

The Mini-Series is written by Joel Fields & Joe Weisberg and the series is executively produced by Steve Carrell. The Mini-Series consists of 10 Episodes that will air in a weekly format with the first two Episodes airing in the first week. It will be available to stream on HULU.

The series has released its first two Episodes recently with the Episode format as less than 30 minutes, specifically 20 Odd Minutes Episodes. It dwells inside the mind and psyche of a serial killer who is under no illusion that what he does is right instead he does not want to kill anyone again and he holds Steve Carrell’s character captive until he gets better or stops having those urges.

The series is backed by terrific performances by the lead cast such as Steve Carrell who is famous for his ensemble of multi-genre works from The Office to Beautiful Boy, on the other hand, we have Domhnall Gleeson who also shares the credibility with his most famous works being The Revenant and About Time.

This series definitely looks like a show to look out for, given the plot and the cast it seems like we’re going to be in for a treat. The first two Episodes of The Patient are out now, on HULU.



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