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The Patient Episodes 1 & 2 Recap | Hulu

FX’s Psychological Thriller LIMITED Mini-Series “The Patient” has debuted today and the first two Episodes are out which combined make up less than 40 minutes of runtime. The Episodes are just the beginning of a thriller ride, from what we’ve seen so far about the show.

The series casts Steve Carrell and Domhnall Gleeson in the lead roles with Domhnall playing Sam who is a serial killer who wants to stop doing that and requires treatment in the form of therapy after finding the best therapist is Alan played by Steve Carrell, he’s unable to open up during the sessions in Alan’s Office so one night he kidnaps him and takes him to his house in the woods. Now, holding Alan captive, he asks for the same thing to resume as it was happening in Alan’s office.

This all feels like a new take on HBO’s “In Treatment” where different people with issues came and the therapist tries to treat them. The format seems familiar but in this, we have a serial killer who wants to stop and is holding the therapist captive now. Sounds interesting, no? Well, the first two Episodes are definitely interesting to look at.

The Episodes gave us a glimpse of Alan’s life but not fully, we’re met with different fragments of his imagination where his wife has died and he isn’t that close with his son. There was this one scene where Alan wakes up at night to a baby’s cry but finds a creepy-faced baby crying.

The first two Episodes uncovered the agenda and how, Alan who was resisting at first about the whole shebang is now accepting that if he doesn’t treat Sam, he might get killed.

The Episode ended with Sam going out to work and Alan hears footsteps and he tries to ask for help by talking to that person. Then, the person opens the door and walks down the stairs and we’re met with a walking stick and then the Episode ends. So, it ended on a cliffhanger and we’ll see who is it in the next week’s Episode.



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