The Killer (Netflix) Summary Recap And Ending Explained: David Fincher strikes again with his new film about a hitman who failed on one of his missions, which the client didn’t like, and sent people to kill him. Just like other Fincher movies, The Killer is stuffed with a lot of meta-commentary and a questionable ending. The killer is now streaming on Netflix; if you didn’t watch it, go watch it.

The movie focuses on an assassin; in the movie, the assassin is credited as The Killer. No one knows his real name; he uses a lot of fake names, which are from sitcoms. If you search those names on Google, you will see sitcom characters. He got an assignment to kill a person in Paris, which ended horribly. He then leaves that place and goes to the airport. He throws all his weapons on a garbage truck and silencer in the gutter.

He throws his gun at the airport after cleaning it. The killer is very serious about his work and always stays alert. When he boards the flight, he sees a person; The killer thought he was spying on him. He then changes his plan and gives away his flight ticket. He stayed up all night in the room waiting for that person to attack him. No one attacked him that night, and in the morning, he went to the Dominican Republic.

He basically lives there with his girlfriend, Magdala. When he goes to his home, he sees blood and shattered glass. He gets a call from Magdala’s brother; he went to a hospital. Magdala is badly injured and in ICU. Magdala’s brother tells The Killer that they were only two people, one woman and one man. They were asking about The Killer; Magdala didn’t reveal anything, so the man assaulted her. She then ran off from that place and went to her brother. Magdala also reveals they came in a Green Taxi.

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The Killer searches the city looking for the Green Taxi and also finds it. He directly goes to the taxi office where he looks on the computer about anyone getting a big client. The killer finds out about Leo, a young taxi driver. He picked up those assassins. The next day, The Killer went to Leo’s taxi and kidnapped him. Leo tells The Killer about everything; the driver didn’t do anything; he just picked them up. The killer then shoots Taxi Driver Leo, as he can tell the police.

The Killer is now back to square one with zero clues on the assassin. The killer suspects Hodges, his agent who gives him assignments. Hodges is the one who knows about his house. He travels to New Orleans to Hodges’s office. He enters the building as a sanitation worker. He ties Hodges’s secretary Dolores in the washroom, destroys all the electronic devices in the office through a nail gun, and shoots a nail in Hodges’s chest.

The killer thought it would take seven to six minutes for Hodges to die, but his plan misfires as he died in just one minute. The nail burst his chest bone and heart.

Dolores offers The Killer to show him the address of the assassins; in order, she wants the killer to not dispose of her body as she wants her children to claim the life insurance. The Killer accepts the offer and breaks her neck when she was on the stairs, looking like an accident. The killer chops some body parts of Hodges and drops them in the lake, where he disposes of other body parts. He drives to Florida to kill the brute man; he successfully enters his home after giving a sleeping drug to his pet bull. The brute saw the killer and attacked him. The brute gives a tough fight to The Killer and injured him; still, at the end, The Killer killed the brute.

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The Killer travels to New York and meets the woman assassin. She is credited in the film as The Expert; the killer encounters her in a restaurant where the expert questions the killer for his way of thinking. The two of them went outside, where The Expert tried to trick the killer by asking for a hand. The killer killed her on the spot, and we see a knife in the Expert’s hand, which shows she was going to stab the killer.

At the end, The Killer travels to Chicago to meet the Client. The client’s name was Claybourne; he is a billionaire businessman. The killer noticed the daily routine of Claybourne. He bought a key card copy machine from Amazon; he then admission to the same gym as Claybourne. He took the key card of Claybourne and copied it. In the night, the security was weak, so he went into his home.

Claybourne was shocked to see the killer. Claybourne didn’t know anything about him, so the killer tells him about the Paris assignment. Claybourne explains to him that he didn’t do anything; after the mission failed, Hodges calls him back. Hodges tells Claybourne that he can kill the assassin to save him. Claybourne thought it wasn’t needed, but still Hodges sends those assassins to kill The Killer.

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He didn’t travel to the Dominican Republic on the same day, as he thought someone was following him. Which resulted in his girlfriend being assaulted that night. The Killer tells him if he tries to kill him again, he is going to poison his coffee cup. The Killer then travels home and spends his time with his girlfriend.

Why did the killer not kill the billionaire?

The Killer shot Leo, a taxi driver who didn’t do anything, to save himself from the police. But he didn’t kill the billionaire. The reason is simple; in the movie, the killer explained that killing people like Claybourne isn’t easy; he is rich and powerful. If he goes missing, the police will try everything to find him. In other cases like Leo, he is just a taxi driver, and no one will solve his case.

The Killer didn’t kill the billionaire because he was rich and powerful.



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