The Kerala Story Passes The Monday And Tuesday Test At The Box Office But Doesn’t Able To Earn Much In terms of advance Booking The Kerala Story Advance Booking Isn’t Working Like This Was Working On Last Weekend But There is again hope for the Kerala Story. because The Sho wcount Is Better Than The Previous Weekend And Maximum Shows are given to this movie only. The movie is working like a thunder Strom at the box Office.

The Kerala Story Sold more than 20k tickets In Advance Booking On it’s 7th Day. The Kerala Story earned approximately 1.7-1.9 Crores In Advance Booking Of 6th Day. The film has an advance booking of around 2 Crores for ins 7th Day.

Total Advance Booking For Day 7 – 2 Crores*

What is your prediction How much the Kerala Story will earn in its lifetime Earn? Tell us in comments. As of now the final verdict will be considered as the hit at the box Office. The film is getting into new troubles daily and now it will be interesting to see how the film performs.



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