The Great Indian Kitchen (Malayalam) Review: Don’t Miss To Visit This Stunning ‘Kitchen’

The Great Indian Kitchen (Malayalam) Review: There is some movie which was rejected initially by everyone and then the audiences showed their love and no everyone is appreciating the film, Malayalam movie The Great Indian Kitchens is one of them, here in the post I am going to review the film.

The movie stars Suraj Venjaramoodu and Nimisha Sajayan in main lead roles, the movie is directed by Jeo Baby, the movie is now available on Prime Video and you can watch the film with family, the movie was first released on 15th Jan. 2021 and then Prime Video bagged the movie for releases, now the film is selected for Shanghai Film Festival. Let’s Jump To The Review.


The film starts with a girl (Nimisha Sajayan) dancing. The girl is educated and progressive, has been raised in Manama, Bahrain. She soon finds herself in an arranged marriage to a teacher (Suraj Venjaramood) in a very traditional and patriarchal family. The newlywed woman becomes a part of a middle-class family by doing all the household work all by herself, by satisfying her husband and in-laws, by spending the whole day in the kitchen.


Suraj Venjaramoodu is natural in his role. Every expression he shows you will understand it easily whether it was an upset husband or a happy husband he has done a good job. Nimisha Sajayan, what to say about her acting she is too natural in her role. I always forgot that I am watching a movie not someone in real. Her expression was also on top whether it was a happy wife or disappointed wife etc. She has done a very good job. The remaining cast has also done very good acting. You can’t say this actor doesn’t act well.


  • Thought-Provoking
  • Strong Acting
  • Relatable Characters
  • Realistic
  • Powerful visuals


The Great Indian Kitchen movie shows the life of a woman as a mother or a wife. The plot of the movie is so simple mostly movie covers in the kitchen and you can even smell the food they are cooking. The movie doesn’t have many dialogues but leaves an impact on you very well. Don’t matter actors are speaking or not you will understand what is happening and what they want to say and that’s the unique thing about this movie. The actors acted well in the movie. The movie leaves so many questions in your mind about patriarchy and the life of women. Overall don’t miss this masterpiece by Joe baby.

  • Name Of The Film: The Great Indian Kitchen
  • Release Date: 12th April 2021
  • Rating: 4/5
  • Platform: Prime Video
  • Audio: Malayalam
  • Family-Friendly?: Yes
  • Recommended: Yes


We are going with the 4 out of 5 stars for the movie, the movie is must watch for everyone and you should not miss this, the movie is a gem and one of its kind, the movie is now available on Amazon Prime Video in Malayalam audio along with the English subtitles.

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This was our review of the Malayalam film The Great Indian Kitchen, what are your thoughts about the film? please let us know in the comment section, for more posts and updates like this on Otts and movies, stay tuned with us.

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