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The Good Mother (2023) Summary And Ending Explained: Who Killed Michael?

The Good Mother (2023) Ending Explained: The recently released thriller film is making buzz all over the globe. Here we are going to tell you about its Recap, Summary, and ending.

The story of the film starts with a man running on the road, and a vehicle hitting a young guy. The story now jumps to an office room where a policeman comes looking for Marissa. She gets to know that her son Michael was killed last night, and she visits the police station to identify the body. During the cremation, Marissa saw Michael’s girlfriend Paige, and she slapped her. Later on, she said that she is pregnant, and she and Michael were planning to buy a house. Marissa was shocked to know this as she knew that her son couldn’t afford that.

Upon initial investigation, the police say to Marissa that the killer might be Ducky, as they were involved in some drug-related business. At night, we get to see that someone has broken into Paige’s house, and she manages to get away from there with a box. Later, we get to see that the box contains around two pouches of drugs, and Paige gives one pouch to Marissa and hides the other one. Marissa informs the police, and they hand over that one pouch to the police.

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Paige posted about the accident on social media and asked for help. She follows a lead that she got on social media, and they came to know that Michael was looking and calling for Ducky in front of Ducky’s house, and someone came with a truck and shot him dead.

Marissa visits a camp and there sees that Ducky is there. She follows him, and after some chase, someone hits her on the back of the head, and she falls. When she regains consciousness, she finds that Ducky is there. She asks Ducky why he killed Michael, but Ducky says that he was trying to protect him and he didn’t kill him. He says that there was a man with a tattoo on his hand, and he had a white truck, and he killed him.

Paige got another message from witnesses that someone had broken into the abandoned house in front of which Michael was killed. When she goes in there, she finds out that someone has killed Ducky, and his body is there. She also gets to know about an unknown number from Ducky’s phone.

Paige reaches Toby’s home (a police officer and Marisa’s second son) and tells him everything. While Toby is talking with someone on the phone outside, Paige dials the number that she has got from Ducky’s phone, and she is shocked to see that the phone is ringing in Toby’s basement. She goes to the basement and there she sees many phones. Toby then comes there and pushes her down the stairs. Paige is admitted to the hospital, and there she gives birth to a child, but she dies during the procedures.

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The next day, Toby’s wife finds Paige’s necklace in the basement, and there is blood on it. She brings it to Marissa, and they realize that Toby is somehow involved in all these things. The next day when Toby goes out of the house, Marissa follows him, and she is shocked to see that the same tattooed man is giving some money to Toby and taking a bag. Marisa makes a video, and then she goes to Toby and asks him why he has done this.

Why Marissa Didn’t Published That Article?

The story now jumps to another frame where we get to see that Marissa is typing something, and she is writing a story about her both sons. The publisher asks her to reconsider publishing it as it may harm their family, and Marissa takes that writing with her. The next day, we get to see that Toby and his wife visit Marissa’s house and take Paige’s child along with them. Marissa sees them through the window, and then she burns the article that she has written about the death of Michael.

Who killed Michael?

Now, many of you may ask a question: Who killed Michael? And why was he killed? There is another question: Who killed Ducky, and why?

The answer is pretty simple: both were killed by gang members and drug dealers. Ducky and Michael found some drugs, and the drug dealers wanted those packets back, but they were not returning them. This was the reason behind their deaths.

What Happened To Toby?

Now, many of you may ask another question: Was Toby involved in all this? I would say no. The dealers got the news that drugs were at Marissa and Toby’s house, and to protect himself, Toby gave them their packages. There is another doubt: why did Marissa save Toby? The reason is simple; she has just lost one son, and she doesn’t want to lose another one.

Hope you understand everything about the film. What do you think about it? Please let us know in the comments.


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