Love At First Sight (Netflix) Explained: Netflix’s original film Love At First Singh is now streaming on Netflix in Multiple audios along with subtitles. The film is a sweet romantic love story and here we are going to tell you about the summary and ending explained of the film.

The story of the film starts at John F. Kennedy Airport where a girl named Hadley Ella Sullivan misses her flight by just 4 minutes. She then buys the tickets for the next flight in business class. While she was waiting for her next flight, she met Oliver Martin Jones, who offered her his charger at the airport.

Hadley and Oliver board the flight, and Oliver’s seat belt is broken. Therefore, Oliver’s seat is shifted to the one next to Hadley, and there they talk about love, Hadley’s father’s marriage, and a few more things. Slowly, they start falling for each other. Hadley also shares that she has a younger brother, and her mom is suffering from some kind of disease. During the flight, they get very close to each other.

When they reach the UK, Oliver shares his number with Hadley, but her phone gets switched off, and they both get separated from each other. As Hadley is not from the UK, she has to go through the immigration process. Meanwhile, Oliver leaves the airport. Hadley reaches her father’s wedding venue, but she is still missing Oliver and wants to meet him at any cost. At the party, she overhears that someone has to go to a memorial, and Hadley recalls that Oliver’s dressing sense looks like he is going to attend the memorial.

Hadley immediately leaves the wedding venue and reaches the memorial venue, where she meets Oliver, and they hug each other. Here, we see that Oliver’s mom is still alive, and she has organized a memorial before her death because she is dying of lung cancer. While they are talking, Oliver tries to kiss Hadley, but she refuses. Later, they have an argument, and Hadley leaves the memorial venue.

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A few minutes later, Hadley realizes that she is lost and her bag is also not with her. Her phone battery is dead as usual, and she is lost in London. She calls her dad from a pedestrian’s phone, and he says that he is coming to take her. From Hadley’s bag, Oliver comes to know that the reception is at Naval College at 6 PM, and his parents and brother advise him that he should go there. Oliver reaches the venue, meets Hadley, and they kiss each other. The film ends with a happy ending.

Many of you may ask who was that lady helping Hadley. Well, that lady was not an actual human being. She was portraying the character of “Fate.” As we saw at the beginning of the film itself, fate is going to play a crucial role in their relationship.

This was all about love at first sight. What do you think about it? Please let us know in the comments.



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