The Daily Life of the Immortal King 4 Episode 4: “The Daily Life of The Immortal King” is back with its 4th season, and it is available with 4 episodes now in Japanese language with English subtitles. We’re going to post a recap of all 4 episodes, so stay connected with us. We have already posted a recap of previous episodes. Now, let’s begin with the 4th episode.

Episode 4 starts with Wang doing something new with the power of his hand. Followers were searching for Qing Jiao, and they said he’s absent forever. Looks like he’s no more after getting hit by that ball.

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Froggy 2 asks Wang what he’s doing. Wang was working on some new spells. The next day, Teacher Wang was teaching students about the spiritual veins of the Earth. Student Chen was raising doubts about it.

Class ends, and snow starts outside the window. It was very weird that it was snowing in the month of June. Teacher Yi and Wang were discussing something about the next swordsman. Student Wang already sensed something. Student Chen started playing with snow, and Rong and other students join them. They were happily playing with snow.

Every student was building something new with snow, but suddenly the temperature of cold rises, and students go back to the elite class. Monitor Chen’s hand got frozen. It was very weird. On the other side, Teacher Yi was still searching for his heir, Sword Saint. No student was able to open the door. It was so cold at that place.

Suddenly, the temperature increased so much. One of the followers was present on Earth, and he was doing all this with his cold sword. He said he will destroy this faction. But suddenly, Student Wang comes to have a fight with him because he’s an immortal swordsman, and he breaks all the cold barriers. Because of Student Wang, everything comes back to normal.

Master Yi was thinking, who did this? Xue Hu was one of the Four Emblems Faction; he was one of the most wanted men. He was dead. And the episode 4 ends.

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