The Daily Life of the Immortal King 4 Episode 3: “The Daily Life of The Immortal King” is back with its 4th season. All the previous seasons were excellent for anime fans. We’re going to give a special recap and explanation of all episodes. The episodes are streaming now in Original audio along with ESubs aka English subtitles

Episode 3 starts with all the followers thinking of something. The next scene is at school, where we see Teacher Wang watching TV, and he is explaining the importance of physical art to another teacher.

Suddenly, that sensei who appeared in the 1st episode comes inside the staff room and asks them, “Do you need a physical art teacher?” He came to see Wang, the real swordsman.

Wang was seeing from his window. His class starts, the teacher arrives, and she says she will take a pop quiz. But Wang was busy with something else. As said by Froggy 2 in Episode 2, that the champion will come for revenge, and he was searching for Wang.

Master Yi arrives, students meet him, Yi shows their powers to students, and students are impressed after seeing him. They had already predicted he’s a hidden master, and they were right.

Students go to Teacher Pan and demand special permission for class, and finally, she agrees because students were irritating her a lot. Master Yi starts his special class. Student Chen shows his special ability. After Chen, Wang goes on the field and throws the ball so far away that it comes back from a distance.

Teacher Wang and Yi were discussing student Yang. And the episode 3 ends.

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