The Daily Life of the Immortal King 4 Episode 2: “The Daily Life of an Immortal King” is an ongoing anime fantasy teen series that is streaming with 4 episodes. The show is available with the Japanese language with English subtitles. Here, we’re going to give you a detailed explanation of all episodes. Stay tuned with us. Let’s begin with Episode 2.

Episode 2 starts with followers worshipping their masters. After that, we can see one girl sitting with her grandfather. She works too hard, and because of that, they called a doctor. The doctor said she’s fine and recommended some other place where they can take her.

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Wang arrives with Froggy 2 at the Flower Fruit Water Curtain Group Sanitarium, where Rong lives. Rong was ill, so Wong decided to go there and meet her.

Rong Sun’s grandfather was seeing everything from CCTV cameras. Froggy goes to Sun’s grandfather and tells him about the specialties of Wong. Sun was getting angry because Wong Ling didn’t buy her a gift. Instead of a gift, he was giving her a warm bottle of water. Sun’s house was very premium, and at that place, they can play anything.

Sun wanted a raccoon doll from that game, and Wong helped her to get that. From the other side, Mr. Sun was running special tests on Wong, and he was happy to see his score and progress. Wong was creating new and better records with the help of his powers. Wong aces every game that was available at Sun’s house.

Sun gives him a sword for the next level. On the other hand, the old champion was getting stressed because Wong was about to overtake him. Wong gives that raccoon doll to Rong that he won. On the other side, the old champion was getting too angry.

Froggy 2 and Wong were going home, and Froggy 2 said he will take revenge from you because you defeated him in all 4 games.

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