The Boys Amazon Prime Video: Get ready folks, our favorite “saviors”, The superheroes, The Seven are coming back for a season 2. Yes, we are talking about The Boys which debuted last year on Prime and boy was it good. The series showed us the dark side of the superheroes and their job and how their popularity has been made into a business.

The show gives us insights into what generally happens in the life of a famous Celebrity. The show was noted for it’s Gore style, brilliant acting and sharp storyline with scary characters. Yeah, I’m talking about Homelander, but the guy is a perfect example of how a negative Superman-like Hero can be a danger for every single person on the planet.

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The season 1 ended with Homelander taking Billy Butcher to a different neighborhood where he learns that his wife and child are alive with Homelander revealing to the boy that he is his father ( bummer ). The show will from here as well as going more into the details of the Syrian terrorist angle. We are joined by a new Supe named Stormfront who comes in the place of Translucent who was killed by Billy, Hughie, and Frenchie.


The series already has an ensemble cast with few new members joining in on season 2. Like Giancarlo Esposito.


A full-fledged season 2 trailer hasn’t been released but we have got a pretty chunk of little snippets throughout the past year, we got a teaser and prime video is releasing some existing clips from season 2 featuring new characters to make the show engaging. Since the release date is near we might be getting a few more of these.

Release Date

Prime Video has announced that season 2 will be released from September 4th, 2020. But this time instead of releasing all the episodes in bulk the show will release 3 episodes at 4th and then a new episode weekly till the season’s end. This has been done to maintain the suspense and craze for the Series throughout it’s run. The makers have taken the idea form Disney+ series The Mandalorian which created a humongous fan following.

Season 3 Release Date

The makers are already up fro the third season of the Series, the 3rd Season is expected to release on Amazon Prime Video in 2022, due the pandemic the things may change, stay tuned we would update you with latest updates.

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