The Amazing Race Season 34 Episode 4: The Amazing Race is back with the continuation of the Mega-Leg that left the teams fending for themselves in the Ducati assembly factory when they had to assemble a Ducati superbike and then leave for the city of Florence, Italy.

It was an exhaustive leg that involved double everything like 2 cities, 2 detours, and 2 roadblocks. After they arrived in Florence, 2 challengers were waiting for the teams which were

Roadblock: ”Who Wants A Chiselled Body?”

The roadblock requires teams to use the tools provided & carefully chisel out one of the blocks to reveal a sculpture hidden inside.

Detour 1: “Eye For Fashion”

Teams need to find three Fashion Shoots scattered around town, then memorize the specific details of each model’s outfit. If they can identify the customers from the sketches and match them to the locations in which they saw them, they will get a clue.

Detour 2: “Window Of Opportunity”

Teams must find 3 of 150 windows scattered around the city to pick up some of Italy’s food favorites i.e., Tuscan soup, cured meat & biscotti. Once they’ve delivered everything to the people at a diner, they will get a clue.

The roadblock was tough for everyone and we saw teams giving up as well like the father-daughter duo Linton & Sharik where Sharik did the roadblock and was tired after and just wanted to quit the show altogether but after coming in last in the race, they were left with a choice of whether they want to continue or leave and it was for her father that she stayed.


The Mega-Leg saw the elimination of Rich & Dom who came in last after they spent a lot of time in the chiseling roadblock.



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