Tandoor Web Series Review: Long-delayed Ullu original web series Tandoor has finally been released on the ULLU app, the fans of Rashami Desai were waiting for this series for so long. I Just finished the web series and here I am with the full detailed review of the ULLU original series Tandoor, I am going to talk about the Story, Performances, highlights, and drawbacks of the series.

The web series stars Bigg Boss fame Rashami Desai, Tanuj Viwarni, Amitriyan Patil and, Ravi Gossain in the main lead role, the series is Created by Nivedita Basu and Produced by ULLU entertainment Private limited. There is a total of 5 episodes in the series and all episodes are approx 25-30 minutes long. The series has use of abusive words, Slangs and there are few kissing scenes too. So web series is not suitable to watch with family.


The plot of the series revolves around 3 people Sahil Sharma, Palak Sahni, and Aziyaz Karim. Sahil and Palak are couples and they are secretly married. After few days of their marriage, Sahil suspects that his wife Palak is having affair with his friend Aziyaz and he shoots her. Sahil brings the body to his restaurant and asks the caretaker of the restaurant to burn the body in Tandoor. Patroling Police suspects that there is something the Restaurant and caught the caretaker. What was the actual reason behind killing of Palak, What will happen next, to know this You have to watch the full series on ULLU.


Tanuj and Rashmi look good in their roles, they both are amazing as always. Rashami looks pretty, cute, and bold all at the same time. Her dialogue delivery and expressions were amazing. Tanuj looks intense and extremely dangerous and for me, he is the best performer from the series.

Apart from there two main lead actors, None of the other actors were good, Everyone looks terrible, their dialogue delivery was at an all-time low, The cops, the caretaker everyone was very bad with their performance.


If you are making a crime thriller series, how can you reveal the face of murder in the first 30 seconds itself? The story of the series is already available in the Public domain and everyone knows about this accident. The series is based on the Horrifying tandoor kand of Delhi. The screenplay of the series is pathetic and after the first 20 minutes, You will lose interest in the series. The story goes very predictable, slow and the bad performances make it unbearable.

The locations of the series were amazing, the production cost looks decent but cinematography lacks that charm at many places. The VFX was decent and the music of the series was good. I liked that one Romantic song from the series. That irritating advertisement of the Ullu app after each episode, that beep sound during the dialogues spoils the well-made mood.

  • Name Of The Series: Tandoor
  • Release Date: 23rd July 2021
  • Platform: ULLU
  • Rating: 1/5
  • Recommended?: NO
  • Family-Friendly?: No


I am going with 1 out of 5 stars for the series, There is nothing to watch in the series except Cute Rashmi Desai and intense Tanuj Virwani, AVoid and Skip this series and I would suggest you watch 14 Phere on Zee5. If you are a fan of Rashmi Desai, and you still want to watch this, You can check in the web series on the ULLU app and website. Please note, the series is not a family-friendly show.

This was ours Tandoor Web Series Review, What are your thoughts about this series?, please let us know in the comment section.


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