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Siya Movie Ending Explained: What Happened To Siya

Siya Movie Ending Explained: “Siya” has been released in the theatres near us and while it is not getting a lot of traction from the audience but the few reviews we have got, they are phenomenal.

However, Siya is not your normal film about rape that has become all too common in our society but it is a story told in the rawest form showing everything that mirrors the society for which the credit goes to the writers and the director Manish Mundhra.

There are a lot of eyebrows-raising moments in the film but the ending of the film is particularly interesting because it leaves you to think about it yourself.

Towards the end, when Siya is traveling with his Uncle Mahendra and her mother along with her Aunty, they are attacked by a truck driver and everything other than Siya dies in that accident. The accident leaves Siya comatose, and in hospital and the only kin alive is her little brother Sooraj who is with her and tries to comfort her.

In the end, her body is found shivering meaning she is conscious and has woken up but what now? Siya before had the support of her Uncle, Mother, and Aunt but after they’re gone what remains of her and would she be in a state to continue the fight alone if she even wakes up from the coma, that’s the question

But if you look and listen carefully, when she wakes up this song plays that basically says “Ek Pankh Ki Chidiya Udne Chali, Aasmaan Hasta Hai Uspe” which means “A One-Winged Bird Wants To Fly But The Sky Is Laughing At Her”.

Siya is that one-winged bird who wants to continue fighting for her justice but the world is going to mock her for it. We can safely assume that Siya, after waking up continues to fight for justice as she had said multiple times during the film and also at the starting of the film when she’s telling a story to his younger brother, Sooraj about a lamb and a lion which ends with “If you use your brain carefully, even a lamb can defeat a lion”.



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