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Ravinder Chautala 1984 Real Character, Image | Jogi Movie

Ravinder Chautala 1984 Real Character: Netflix original film Jogi is in news for all good reasons, fans are loving the film and the film is Trending on Netflix, After watching the film there are lots of questions that are in the mind of viewers, and one of the biggest questions after watching the film is Ravinder Chautala real?

Jumping direct into the answers, There is no Ravinder Chautala in the real life, at the beginning of the film we get to see the disclaimer, that the film is based on real-life incidents but the characters in the film are not real.

Our team did lots of research into the old record books but we get nothing, One thing is sure there was no real man in the name of Ravinder Chautala in the Police during 1984 who is related to the Anti-Sikh Riots.

For all those who don’t know ‘JOGI‘ is Netflix original film now available to watch on Netflix in Hindi, Tamil Telugu, and some more dubbed versions, along with the subtitles.

Thus was all about the Ravinder Chautala 1984 Real Character and some more details about the character, what do you think about it? have you seen the film? Please let us know in the comments.


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