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Scott Harmon Real Person? | Accused Episode 1 | Fox | Hulu

Scott Harmon Real Person: So you have landed here because you have just finished the Bone chilling episode 1 of the Fox original tv Show, Accused, episode 1 is around 40 Minutes long, and here go some details related to the show, One of the most asked questions after the show is, Is Dr. Scott Harmon based on real Person? Here we are going to tell you the same.

Before we Jump to the Topic, Let me remind you the quick recap of episode 1 of the series Accused, episode 1 of the show revolves around Dr. Scott Harmon, a famous Neuro Surgeon in the City, His son Devin Killed himself, and a few months back after doing mass murder in the school, Dr. Scott is accused that he knows everything about Devin, but instead of stopping him, he helped him.

Now coming to the real Topic, is the episode based on a True Story? Is Dr. Scott Based On Real Person? The answer is NO, the story is not based on the real or any true story, the story is a Fictional story inspired by a mix of real-life incidents, There are various cases of Mass Murdering in the schools of the USA, where Parents Negigiance cause the death of many innocent Kids, and this show is inspired from such incidents.

Specifically, there is no such Person Named Dr. Scott Harmon, who is related to any case like this.



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