Scissor Seven Season 2 Review : The Chinese animation series is back with another season, season 2 of the Scissor Seven released on Netflix on 7th May 2020, here in the post we are going to review the series and would tell you you should watch it or not.

The season 1 of the series received a great response from the critics as well as the audiences, the series was also nominated for the various awards in animation categories, does the season have the same magic and same charm like the season 1, to know all this go through our review;

Scissor Seven Season 2 Review

The season back with bigger and better, all 10 episodes are now released on Netflix, the episodes are 17-22 minutes long each and in spite of short duration, they put a great impact on viewers, here goes the more detailed review,

  • Name Of The Series – Scissor Seven
  • Season – 2
  • Release Date – 7th May 2020
  • Platform – Netflix
  • Rating – 3.8/5
  • Recommended? – Yes


The story moves forward from season 1, Seven played by Ronny Chieng gets tasks and difficulties in his way and while handling all these, the looks promising, there is action, there is little comedy and emotion too, the series is the complete package and worth your time, although at few places it may feel predictable.

Graphics & Editing


The best part of the series is animation and editing, graphics are bigger and better than previous one, and editing is just beyond awesome, the episodes are very short and feel light to watch, all credit goes to the editors.



With some great level of editing and graphics, the series looks premium, if you are an animation love and looking for some short time spent with light series, this one is for you, it keeps you connect and guarantees full entertainment, Just go and watch it.

Scissor Seven Season 2 Episodes

Like the previous season, there are a total of 10 episodes in season 2 also, all are of approx 20 minutes long, the name and list of all episodes are ;

1. Super Scissors
2. Thirteen vs Seven
3. Protecting Mad Bark
4. The Stan Trip
5. Again, We Meet Captain Jack
6. Revenge of King Pheasant
7. Plum Blossom Eleven
8. Two Heroes
9. Redtooth
10. Fate

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