“Sanctuary A Witch’s Tale” Episode 1: “Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale” is a recently streamed show that is available with only 1 episode. The show is running on a weekly basis. This is a Sundance Now Original Series available in the English language with English subtitles. The show is an AMC+ Original Series that you can watch on the AMC Network.

Episode 1 starts with a girl narrating about herself and the story of Sanctuary. After that, families were sitting together at a get-together, talking about Sanctuary. Suddenly, a weird sound came from behind, and everyone was shocked. The girl who was narrating the story then made a cut on her hand with a knife, and the intro appears.

Abigail and Emily were in the market, going to Sarah’s house. Sarah was hypnotizing Emily, doing some magic with her. Emily, who was pregnant, was crying while narrating her past experience with the baby. Daniel and Abigail go to a fest, and at that place, Abigail was the fundraiser queen. They were doing NGO work.

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Sarah gets back home, has a talk with Harper, and along with Emily, Abigail, and Bridget, they all sit together near the fire and do some powerful things. All of them cheer for Harper. Beatrice goes to a party in a club where Jake and Harper are also present. All the mothers were thinking about Harper because they care about her. Suddenly, while talking, an accident happens at the party, and Julia is very terrified.

Abigail was crying when she came to know that her son is no more; he died at the party. A woman comes into the Sanctuary and goes to the secondary school. She was the investigator of the accident that happened at the party. Ted Bolt called her; her name was Maggie Knight. On the other side, Abigail was so sad, crying alone in her room. Michael was still working and didn’t even care about his son. Investigator Knight arrives at the hospital to meet Harper.

Harper clearly says no to Knight, stating that she doesn’t want to be interrogated. Dan was Harper’s boyfriend, and DCI got suspicious. Rumors were spreading in the town about Dan, connecting it with a s*x tape, drugs, drinking, and more. DCI was watching the CCTV video; Abigail went to her and she was crying. On the other side, Harper wasn’t picking up anyone’s call.

They arrive at Beatrice’s home to interrogate her. Julia was also standing there with DCI Maggie. Beatrice was telling them about Dan and Harper. Officials asked her about the s*x tape as well. Sarah was again doing something with magical spells connected to Dan.

Harper was so sad; Sarah advised her to get over him. The next day, Dan’s body was taken to the graveyard. Everyone was standing sadly at that place, and DCI also arrived there.

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In the end, we can see a glimpse of upcoming episodes, which was very horrifying. The show is going to take special twists and turns.



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