Delicious In Dungeon Episode 1: “Delicious In Dungeon” is an ongoing Netflix Original Japanese Fantasy Adventure anime drama series that streamed on Netflix on 4th January 2023. The show is available with only 1 episode, and it is running every week. Currently, we will update you with the Episode 2 release date as well.

Episode 1 starts with a powerful dragon trying to kill other people who were present there. In the next scene, we see that the main guy was fainted. He was searching for his sister. Dungeons were thinking about how they would survive without money. To explore it, they need money, and they were hungry. They were thinking to eat something, but they didn’t have any money.

The trio was so excited to explore the dungeon. The lead guy was telling them about monsters. They found a mushroom down there; he found a big scorpion monster. They were cooking mushroom and that monster for their food. He was telling them the venom of the scorpion is safe to eat. One more guy arrives there, and he was telling them how to cut food perfectly.

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Suddenly, slime drops on Marciline’s face. The guy who was teaching them about monsters and food cutting told that he has a 10-year experience in monster food. The monster hot pot was ready, and they were eating and enjoying it, but Marcille wasn’t ready to eat. Previously she was so hungry; she also started eating the food.

The guy who told them about monsters, his name was Senshi. The name of the lead guy is Laios. Marcille and Chilchuck were together with Laios on the mission. They told Senshi about dragons, and Senshi also said he would like to join Laios in the mission of searching for Laios’s sister. They went into a forest.

Everyone was getting hungry again. Marcille said she doesn’t want to eat scorpions again. Marcille was about to cast a spell on them, but the plants were wild monsters. They suddenly took Marcille inside them. Senshi was making something for them to eat.

Everyone started eating food. Laios, Marcille, and Chilchuck loved the food so much. Laios was reading a book about dungeon food, and Episode 1 ends.

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