Samrat Prithviraj Screen Count & Occupancy: The film is one of the most awaited films of the year and Yash Raj Films wants to release the film on the Grand Scale, the day is finally here and Prithviraj is all yours now, here are the details about the total screen count worldwide and the occupancy in the shows.

The film is releasing on around 4000 screens worldwide, the film is releasing on around 3200 screens in India and around 800 Screens overseas, the more screens will be added after Friday depending upon the word of mouth and reviews.

The occupancy for the Prithviraj has increased massively in the last 1 day, the film has an occupancy of around 30-40% for the Morning shows at most of the Places, and the afternoon and evening shows look good with the occupancy of around 60-65%, we hope that the film will gather momentum in the night and evening shows after the reviews and word of mouth.

  • Total Screen Count – 4000+ (Worldwide)

As we said in our previous post too, that the Prithviraj is the biggest and the Grandest release for the Akshay Kumar to date, No film by Akshay Kumar has been released or Promoted on such a huge scale, the film needs to score big on the Day 1 on the box office and we hope that the film gets that. The film is tax-free in many states and this is also going to boost the collections for sure.

This was all about the Samrat Prithviraj Screen Count & Occupancy, what is your take on this? Follow us for more news and updates,


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