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“A Tourist Guide To Love” Summary & Ending Explained | Netflix

“A Tourist Guide To Love” Summary & Ending Explained: The movie is now available on Netflix in English with English subtitles. In this article, I am going to tell you the summary and ending explanation of the movie. So let’s get started.

The story begins with Amanda, who works for a company called Tourista that focuses on traveling and tours worldwide. Amanda is living her life happily with a great job and a caring boyfriend, John. Her company focuses on building tourism businesses in various countries, one of which is Vietnam.

Amanda’s boss is also happy with her work. One night when she goes to her house with her boyfriend, John, to celebrate their 5-year anniversary, John has prepared food, flowers, and many things for the occasion but looks quite nervous.

When they sit down for dinner, John says he wants to tell her something important. She thinks he is about to propose to her, but she is shocked to hear that John wants to break up with her.

This makes Amanda feel sad, which is also noticed by her boss, Mona, at work. So, Mona thinks to send Amanda on a work vacation to Vietnam, and Amanda takes this opportunity. Next, we see her at the airport.

Amanda goes to Vietnam to remove thoughts of her ex-boyfriend from her mind. She meets Sinh, her tour guide, who works at Hanoir Silver Star, the company her boss was thinking of buying. So, her job is to take a look at the company and see if it is worth buying or not.

Amanda meets Anh, Sinh’s sister, but she is not happy with the company because they did not offer her welcome water upon arrival and there was no schedule for the tourists. However, Sinh convinces her that he knows his country very well, and she will enjoy her stay there.

So, they start roaming the city, and Amanda meets many people there. She and Sinh start getting closer to each other. They also stay at his grandmother’s house, who thinks they like each other, but they say they are just friends.


In the end, Anh tells Amanda that Sinh is quite worried about his father because their father, the owner of Silver Star, wants to sell the property. In the end, we see Tourista buying Silver Star, and Amanda’s truth is revealed. Sinh starts developing feelings for her, and they kiss each other. However, her ex-boyfriend, John, arrives there, and the situation becomes quite messy. But, in the end, Amanda chooses Sinh over John because he truly loves her, and they live happily ever after. The movie ends.



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