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Rings Of Power Shooting Locations: Locations Where LOTR filmed

Amazon’s much-awaited and the most expensive TV Show in the history of Television “The Lord Of The Rings: Rings Of Power” released its first two Episodes on the streaming giant on September 2 and the Episodes have been received well, with most of the positive reviews coming because of how much of a grand spectacle it was.

Right from the start with Elvish Lands to the Dwarves Mine, these two episodes were just the beginning of a journey filled with beautiful landscapes. Those beautiful sceneries get you excited and the traveler within gets curious so in the future, you might want to go there. Luckily, we’re here with the locations where the series has been shot for your reference


The Denize Bluffs Farm might seem like a new name for the newcomers to the realm but for the LOTR fans, it’s quite familiar because it was used for shooting in The Lord Of The Rings and Hobbit Trilogy, those mighty landscapes are quite familiar and they have been used again in Rings Of Power. I mean, who wouldn’t? You can’t use these beautiful landscapes.

Hauraki Gulf

If you’re curious about the amazing seascapes featured in the LOTR Films and Rings Of Power, you might want to take a look at them. Being home to Maori people, the area is filled with aquatic species and you might get a bit of similarity with this area if you’re a LOTR Fan.

Coromandel Peninsula

The Coromandel Peninsula has not been featured in the Episodes by far but this makes for a very epic shot and we’re quite sure that Rings Of Power has this in it. It is one of the locations the series was shot in, not because of the majestic beauty but the setting it provides.


PIHA is a Seaside Village in New Zealand and also the country’s most famous SURF Beach. PIHA is the Official place where the creators chose to shoot the series. By now, the series does not have any shots in PIHA but we can bet they’re going to be there in the upcoming Episodes.

Mount Kidd

Located in Fiordland, Southern West Corner of South Island the series will feature the cast climbing the mountain (or maybe the one shown in the First Episode where Galadriel is climbing a mountain with her team covered in ice), Mount Kidd is one of the Official Locations where the creators chose to shoot the series.

These are the Official Locations that are other than the Film Studios notably, The Auckland Film Studio & KUMEU Film Studio. The series has been shot in the land of beautiful landscapes, New Zealand, specifically, Auckland, and other major parts have been mentioned above.

There are going to be other locations as well that has not yet been featured in the series by now since it’s too early but we can bet that the series is going to be a visual treat.



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