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The Lord Of The Rings Rings Of Power Review: Oozes Off Grandeur, off to a good start

Amazon’s The Lord Of The Rings Prequel series titled “Rings Of Power” has made its grand debut after so much criticism even before the show was announced, from the character design to casting, the series was under constant fire from the audience worldwide which marks this day very important because this can either make it break it for the Amazon’s series and not only that, it is the most expensive series ever made in Television History.

Amazon released the first two Episodes of the series on 2nd September (IST) with both of them having a runtime of a little over 60 Minutes. Those are 60 minutes of remembrance and a constant reminder that it is the MOST EXPENSIVE Series of all time because it oozes off the grandeur and visuals like that.

Right from the opening of the first Episode to the ending of the second, let it be The Tree Of Light to the Sea Worm that demolishes a ship to Eregion (Realm of the Elven-Smiths) everything that you see is visually stunning. Guess, that budget has paid off, visuals-wise. We’re yet to comment on the other parts.

Like Lord Of The Rings, the show has an ensemble cast that is different in terms of their living and life but everyone is connected and has a common enemy which is the Orcs who have been hidden for quite a long time, so much so that living Orcs is an ancient thing and not one Orc has been spotted in years. Orcs have been waiting silently to attack for their leader to return who is Sauron, the Dark Magic Sorcerer who we know from The Lord Of The Rings who is the firm believer and follower of Morgoth.

The Episodes start off with Galadriel who has taken a vow to kill the evil Orcs and Sauron who invaded their land. We’re met by different stories of people living in other places, one of them is Nori who belongs to a colony of Harfoots that keeps on traveling from place to place.

Nori is curious about the world she lives in and is surprisingly eager to know what is out there, its like she’s a mini-Frodo who finds a Giant Like man falling from the sky and is tending to him who is unable to understand her. Another notable character is Arondir who is an Elf stationed in the town of Tirharad to keep watch because the people of the town were once firm believers in Morgoth and followed him.

Arondir finds out that far east in a town there’s news of animals and people getting poisoned and after going there he finds out that the whole town is burning with a tunnel dug deep that goes straight to Tirhadad and it is not until the end of the second Episode, we get to see our first Orc fighting a young boy Theo and her mother Bronwyn, the lover of Arondir.

The Rings Of Power has definitely managed to woo us with stunning visuals and anthology-like storytelling. However, the show seems like its slow-paced but we cannot expect this from a show that just debuted. We have entered a time where we have two prequels of some of the two most expensive and highly rated series (well, one is a movie franchise and yes, we’re talking about GOT & LOTR), this feels like its going to be a battle and something worth watching.

The Rings Of Power returns next week, Friday 9th September 2022 on Amazon Prime. You can check out the first 2 Episodes on Amazon Prime Video in Multiple Languages.


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