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Did Mae Go Back To The Cult? “Devil In OHIO” Ending Explained

Netflix’s “Devil In OHIO”, a Suspense Thriller Limited Series has made its way to our screens and while its getting mixed reviews, the show’s ending is particularly interesting that could’ve saved the whole show.

Devil In OHIO is based on the life of psychiatrist Suzanne who takes in a teenage girl Mae who flees from a satanic cult and because of her trauma, she is sheltered by the psychiatrist with her family of 3 daughters and her husband. Mae, who hasn’t been loved in her life and was being called Special in her cult only so she could be sacrificed to the Devil by carving a pentagram on her back and then burning in front of everyone runs away because she doesn’t want to die.

After coming to live with Suzanne, she is met with love that she didn’t have before. She sneaks out at night, taking everyone else’s memorable stuff with her and doing a ritual for the Devil and asking for wishes, it’s not until the end of the series we see what truly her wish was.

Initially, it seemed like she wanted to stay with Suzanne permanently with her family but towards the end, her ritual place has fully grown into a Devil Worshipping Temple and she has a picture of Suzanne and herself meaning she wants to be with Suzanne only permanently, and guess what, that’s what’s happening towards the end.

Suzanne’s actions of getting immersed in helping Mae because of her abusive childhood, she neglects her family and she faces those consequences when she and her husband are living separately where Suzanne is living with Mae and finding a permanent home for her while her husband lives with their 3 daughters.

The real twist comes later when Suzanne gets a call from Alex (Police Investigator) informing her that it was Mae who changed the Red Flowers to White Flowers during the Harvest Queen Competition.

During the show, we’re witnessed that white flowers trigger her abusive memories from the cult and see that it was she who knowingly did that and stole a vehicle to reach Amontown.

In short, Mae is not some damsel in distress that she was portrayed to be but is a mastermind who went back to the cult very well knowing that Suzanne would come back for her and save her.


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