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Resident Evil Season 2 In Works But How? Check Release Date On Netflix

Netflix has constantly given us good content over the years since its inception and rising as the biggest streaming giant in the world that actually started this whole bandwagon of streaming services. Over the years, we’ve seen some good content, let it be movies, documentaries, and series but one thing Netflix is giving us these days is bad content. Not only that, Netflix has been part of online memes and ridicules for taking good characters and stories that did not need to be altered with and turning them into the garbage.

For example, Death Note adaptation, Baki Hanma anime, Cowboy Bebop, and the latest news is that we have Resident Evil. Netflix has tried to make a couple of Resident Evil remakes and almost all of the time, they ended up ruining the magic we’ve felt while playing the games and initially with the Mila Jovovich movies.

What Exactly Happened With Resident Evil?

The Resident Evil series that was released this past week has been ridiculed by the whole internet for being a step back in the Resident Evil universe for its weak plot and ridiculous plot holes. The series did not get moderate reviews from the fans and its rating has plummeted to 3.7/10 with more than 15K reviews which is a very big low from fans.

Season 2 Cast

After Season 1 ended up with negative reviews from fans, it was speculated that Netflix would cancel this show immediately but there’s news that Season 2 is in production and It will feature major game characters.

There’s no official news on when would Season 2 will air but as of now, we only know that it’s in production. This came out to be quite a shock to people because there are other shows that need to be released that have more fan following than Resident Evil.

You can stream Resident Evil on Netflix in multiple languages.


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