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Uncle From Another World also known as “Isekai Ojisan”, an Isekai Comedy anime from AtelierPontdarc that is going on its first term released its 3rd episode recently. The episode was titled “I’m Your Un―…Aunt, Dear” and has been met with a lot of positive reviews from the fans.

The episode covered a lot of topics, ranging from a story from Uncle about his time in the other world to Uncle’s unveiling of another power on Earth. The Episode started with Takafumi coming home from shopping and finding Fujiyima (Takafumi’s childhood friend) with another girl in their apartment. We are shown a recap of the previous 75 minutes and what happened in that time.

Uncle gets an email from YouTube Partners that all the YouTubers whose channel has less than 1000 subscribers and less than 4000 hours of view time, those channels will get deactivated. So, Uncle and Takafumi like 1 day to get those numbers up otherwise they’ll lose their career as YouTubers. The subscriber count for their channel is quite low and Takafumi finds out why is it so low.

That’s because Uncle gets into ranting whenever any subscriber comments that what Uncle has been showing in the videos isn’t magic. So Uncle, randomly reminiscing about his past remembers a story about a sealed village whose seal was broken which paved the way for 1000 Mythical monsters to come and wreak havoc. That story also brought back the Golden-Haired Girl that has been following Uncle since Episode 1.

We see that Uncle was the one who broke the seal just to check if it works or not and before the Golden-Haired Elf could save the village, he puts the seal back up again and in return for his gratitude to the Golden-Haired Elf who asks him to take him to dinner, he runs off which made Takafumi facepalm himself hard.

After reminiscing on that episode, Uncle politely asks people to subscribe to his channel which makes Takafumi spiral out of control because he thinks this is a sign of neediness and weakness but it ends up doing better than bad and a milestone of 1000 subscribers is met.

Now, Fujimiya arrives she does not like Uncle living with Takafumi since she’s into him but Uncle knows what’s inside Fujimiya’s head and likes her. After Takafumi goes out to buy something, Uncle asks Fujimiya to confide in him which leads to him getting rejected and so he goes to his room with sadness and comes out as a girl and quite an attractive one but introduces herself as Takafumi’s aunt.

At least Uncle tries to hide his true self but gets caught red-handed when Takafumi plays himself with SEGA trivia. They decide to shoot a video of him playing the game for his YouTube video which ends up getting more than 200,000 views but it also makes his uncle realize what his audience is like.

The video shot only had Uncle’s face the whole time but not the game and when he found out that the video is only getting this many views because the audience these days like hot girl avatars, he changes back to his male avatar giving a grim look that freaks Fujimiya out and the episode ends in both Takafumi and Fujiyama freaking out for different reasons.

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