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Reality (2023) Movie Summary & Ending Explained

Reality (2023) Movie Summary & Ending Explained: Sydney Sweeney’s latest movie is based on a real story about an FBI officer who leaks important information to the media during the 2016 elections. In this article, I am going to give you a recap of the movie, so be aware that it contains heavy spoilers. If you want to watch the movie first, you can skip this article. For others, let’s get started.

The movie begins with Reality Winner, who returns home after grocery shopping. While in the parking lot, two FBI agents knock on her window. She remains calm after they show her their IDs and inform her that they have a warrant to search her house and car. Without asking any questions, she agrees.

They start searching her house, and more agents arrive, including the two main agents named Garrick and Taylor. They ask her various questions, such as how many languages she speaks and what workout plan she follows.

Then they enter her house, which is filled with many agents. They give her the option to come to their office for questioning or be questioned in the house. She chooses the house and suggests a small, dirty room for interrogation.

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Now they begin questioning her and ask if she wants to see their warrant to ensure her comfort during the questioning. We come to know that she used to work for the American Air Force and is now working as a translator, specifically translating the Farsi language. They ask her if she knows why they are there, and she guesses that one day she accidentally brought home a piece of paper containing confidential information.

The Ending

By talking to her more, they find out that she also has an anonymous internet browser. She is one of the most trusted individuals by the government. However, Garrick believes she is not a threat to the country. She confesses that she leaked the news because she is frustrated with her work culture. The news she leaked reveals that Russia is interfering in the 2018 US elections. Due to the leak, FBI Director James Comey was fired, and they came to her house 25 days after the incident.

The FBI arrests her without any complaints, and she receives a life sentence for leaking the news. The movie ends, by showing how employees frustrated with their work culture can take such steps. These types of employees pose a national threat to security.



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